November 17, 2009: Gmail Notes Disabled by Google

The Gmail Notes menu disappeared because of an unannounced, undocumented change to Gmail that has disabled a number of Firefox extensions, including ours. We have been trying to contact Google to find out what is behind this change, and whether it is permanent or not. We are presuming the change is permanent, so we are now figuring out our best plan to move forward. We expect to get Gmail Notes back online by mid-January, 2010.

If it is of any help, we added a page to let you view the contents of your existing notes here, although you cannot edit, create, or delete them there. But we can also report that a couple very resourceful users figured out a workaround to let them create & edit notes in the interim. If you really want to know how to do that, send an email to us here.


New Firefox Extension Available!

We have completed the full rewrite of our Firefox extension, and submitted it to Mozilla on 20-Jan-2018. But we have no control as to when it will be reviewed and added to the official addon page. (It's been 48 hours so far, and nothing but radio silence.)

In the meantime, if you would like to start using the app now, we have set up a provisional version that you can access at this extensions page. Please keep in mind that this is a full rewrite of the Firefox extension, so consider it a beta version. And please report any errors to admin-at-gmailnotes-dot-com.

In case you are wondering, we still need to rewrite the web site and instructions, and we will try to get that back online in a few weeks.

Service still offline

As noted previously, the Gmail Notes extension stopped working in November 2017, when Firefox version 57 was released. We are still planning to resume the service soon, and will be submitting our next extension rewrite to Mozilla by the end of January 2018. We again apologize for the interruption of the service, as we try to get back online as soon as possible. In the meantime, current users should be able to view their notes by pointing a browser to this viewer page.

Service *Probably* Closing November 2017

Update July 2017: Although we earlier announced that the Gmail Note service will be closing this November, things might be changing. This is not an official announcement, but we have been working on a software rewrite that would let the service remain open after Firefox 57 is released in November. Since Mozilla started including a sidebar panel with Firefox 54 in June, our biggest objection to doing another rewrite has been removed (other than the work required).

So far, the rewrite has been going OK, and we’ll post an announcement if decide to release it to production. In the meantime, we've made it easier to access your current notes, by pointing a browser to this viewer page

Side Note: This will be the fourth time we’ve written the Firefox extension from scratch, going back to the original Greasemonkey script back in 2009. In each case, the rewrite has been mandated by breaking changes to Firefox. So let’s hope this is the last change for awhile.

Service Closing November 2017

We are sorry to report that Gmail Notes will stop working with Firefox Version 57, which is currently scheduled for release in November 2017. We don't want to close the service, but Firefox 57 will no longer run our extension. And currently there are no plans to write a new Gmail Notes extension that will be compatible with the Firefox changes (long story). So although we will miss Gmail Notes, we are proud that we have been able to provide the service since 2009.

Even though you won’t be able to use the Gmail Notes extension, you should be able to download and view a list your existing notes by pointing a Firefox browser, to http://gmailnotes.appspot.com/3/static/html/sidebar.html. (Firefox browser only)

New Firefox add-on, version 47.0

Mozilla has approved our updated extension, which will now works with Firefox 47. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are hopeful this will keep Gmail Notes working at least through the end of 2016. Users should be advised that our extension still uses Firefox features that are deprecated and will be removed sometime next year. So it remains very likely that the Gmail Notes extension will stop working for good by the end of 2017.

Service is Down

We are sorry to report that Gmail Notes does not work with the latest Firefox update, version 47. We have updated our extension to work with the changes in Firefox 47 and submitted it to Mozilla for review. We are hopeful they will approve the update soon, but Mozilla's timing is out of our control, of course. To access your existing notes in the meantime, there are two workaround options: Everyone should also be aware that Firefox will be dropping sidebar extensions altogether sometime in 2017. In terms of moving on, we know that some users have migrated to "Simple Gmail Notes", an extension for Google Chrome.
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