To Start Using Gmail Notes


Gmail Notes works with Firefox version 3.6 or later.


  1. Install our Firefox extension from the Mozilla add-ons page at If there is a problem with that site, we also keep a copy on our own site, at After the extension is loaded, you will have to restart Firefox.

  2. If you use a Firefox security plugin such as NoScript, be sure to add to its security whitelist.

  3. Most Gmail users, including Google Apps users, access their account through However, users who access Gmail through a different domain, such as, must change the Gmail domain setting for this app. To do this, open the Firefox add-ons panel by selecting the Firefox "Tools" → "Add-ons" menu. In there, find the "Gmail Notes Sidebar" item, select it, and click the "Options" button. Then change the first item, labeled "Gmail host" to the domain you use to access Gmail. Do not include the "http://" or any part after the .com in the text-entry box.

  4. Because Gmail Notes uses a popup window for signing in, make sure that Firefox allows popups from the Gmail Notes server hostname. To do this:

    • In Firefox, open the Tools → Options panel.
    • Go to the Content tab.
    • Next to the "Block pop-up windows" option, click the Exceptions button.
    • Add to the exceptions list.

  5. Open the sidebar and start the application. There are three different ways to do this:

    • Select the Firefox menu "View" → "Sidebar" → "Gmail Notes"
    • Right click to open the Firefox context menu, and select "Gmail Notes"
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Control-Alt-G

Once the app is opened, it will retrieve and display notes in the sidebar as you navigate to different Gmail pages. For more user interface details, go to our Everyday Use page.