Getting Help

We hope that most users are able to install and use Gmail Notes without any problem. Unfortunately, we aren't in a position to offer professional technical support. But if you are really stuck, please send an email to us here. Be sure to tell us what version of Firefox you are running and what OS/version you use, in addition to a description of the problem. We won't promise we'll respond to every email, but we'll sure try to help everyone we can.

Similarly, if you think there is a bug in Gmail Notes, please send an email to us at the address shown in the previous paragraph. Our biggest concern is that Gmail Notes hasn't been tested on a broad variety of systems and browsers, and system behavior will be different or inconsistent.

If you are seeing server-error messages in the sidebar, or the sidebar itself won't load, there may be a server/infrastructure problem. For those situations, we have created a new Facebook page for Gmail Notes, specifically to post status updates.

Instead of sending email, you can also post a comment to us from the "About" tab in the sidebar panel.

Known Issues

Control-Alt-G Conflict

We have learned that our shortcut key is also used by several other apps, including Google Desktop and the popular Ghostery add-on. For convenience, we have added an option to our Firefox extension to let users change the shortcut key assigned to Gmail Notes.

Firefox Security Add-Ons

If you use a security add-on such as NoScript, be sure to add to its security whitelist.

Firefox Updates

Several Windows users have reported problems with Gmail Notes immediately following a Firefox version update. In some cases, a Windows reboot is needed before Gmail Notes resumes working correctly.