Gmail Notes Updates

21-Jun-2013: Updated server to high-reliability datastore and python 2.7, to reduce the frequency of read-only maintenance periods.
08-Jun-2012: Released minor update for compatibility with Firefox 13, since Mozilla dropped backward compatibility with some pre-CSS3 declarations.
23-Mar-2012: Released update to Firefox extension (version 1.5), adding an option to set the shortcut key for opening/closing the Firefox sidebar.
04-Feb-2012: Released bug fix to Firefox extension (version 1.4), to work with Firefox 10.
23-Jul-2011: Released minor update for compatibility with Firefox 5, including an updated Firefox extension (version 1.3).
09-Feb-2011: Released minor update for compatibility with Firefox 4 (beta), including an updated Firefox extension (version 1.1).
28-Aug-2010: Released major rewrite that eliminates dependency on Mozilla Jetpack and doesn't use popup windows.
30-Jan-2010: Released Script 5.5.0 to deal with yet another unannounced, undocumented change to the Gmail API by Google.
11-Jan-2010: Released Script 5.0.4 & Server Version 8 to restore functionality to Gmail Notes, following Google's unannounced, undocumented change to the Gmail API in November 2009.
7-Nov-2009: Released Server Version 7 with mostly internal improvements for scalability and maintainability.
18-Jul-2009: Released Server Version 6 to add a preferences window and an option to insert Gmail Links into note contents.
01-Jul-2009: Released Firefox addon (script) version 4.0.4 to fix compatibility issues with Firefox 3.5.
22-Jun-2009: Released Server Version 5 with improvements to datastore latency, by replacing general queries with "key_name lookup" calls and caching note count data.
12-Jun-2009: Released Server Version 4 and Firefox addon (script) version 4.0.3 to provide annotations for both Gmail labels (ascii only) and conversations. Also updated the Note List window to include links to Gmail pages.
21-May-2009: Released Server Version 3 and Firefox addon (script) version 3.0.0 with internal design changes. Most notably, this version introduces the use of message events, which make "Gmail Links" possible.
07-Apr-2009: Added "Headline" feature, which displays a text-only message as a "tooltip" in the menu (that is, without opening a popup window).
27-Mar-2009: Added "Browse" menu function, primarily as a precursor to a note-search capability.
11-Mar-2009: Replaced menu with iframe-based design, so that the refresh button no longer needed. Also simplified the Firefox extension design, which makes it is easier to upgrade features.
04-Mar-2009: Released Gmail Notes for public use.