Basic Steps for Using Gmail Notes

If you haven't installed the Gmail Notes extension for Firefox, go to the Getting Started page and do that first.

    Opening the Sidebar Panel:

  1. Once the Gmail Notes extension is installed, you can open the sidebar and start the application. There are three different ways to do this:

    • Select the Firefox menu "View" → "Sidebar" → "Gmail Notes"
    • Right click to open the Firefox context menu, and select "Gmail Notes"
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Control-Alt-G

    When the sidebar opens, you should see a plain page with a "Sign In" link


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    Connecting to the Gmail Notes Server:

  3. Before you can create or access notes, you must sign in to the application server. To do this, click the "Sign In" menu item, and a Google account Sign In window will pop up on your screen. It looks like this:

    Google Sign In Window

    If you don't see the Sign In window, it may be because Firefox is blocking popup windows. Check the Getting Started page for info on how to change the Firefox popup settings.

  4. Enter your Gmail address and account password. Note — the Gmail Notes servers do not see this information — it goes directly to Google. If the sign in is successful, the sidebar will update to show the Gmail Notes standard, 3-tab user interface.


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    Creating and Editing Notes:

  6. Now that you are signed in to Gmail Notes, you can begin creating notes. Click one of the conversations in your inbox to view it. When you do that, the Gmail Notes menu changes slightly, with the addition of a "Create Note" menu item near the top:

    Sidebar Create Note

  7. When you click the "Create Note" menu item, the panel switches to editing mode, with a two-row toolbar displayed near the top, and some additional buttons above that. The panel will also expand to 1/3 of the browser width, unless there is some external limit. In editing mode, the panel looks like this:

    Editor for New Note

  8. You can now begin typing text into the panel. The toolbar can be used to format the text, in the same way you can format a Gmail message. Here's an example of what you can do:

    Note Editor With Content

  9. To finish editing, click the "Close" button. When you do that, the panel will return to its standard width and the menu will be updated from "Create Note" to "Edit Note", and two more menu items will be added, "Print Note" and "Delete Note".

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A Couple Suggestions:

OK, you should now be able to create notes, edit them, save them, view them, and delete them. Before leaving this page, here are a couple tips/suggestions: